Josh Berkus wrote:
> > > Uh ... do we have a basis for recommending any particular sets of
> > > parameters for these different scenarios?  This could be a good idea
> > > in the abstract, but I'm not sure I know enough to fill in the details.
> Sure.  
> Mostly-Read database, few users, good hardware, complex queries:
>       = High shared buffers and sort mem, high geqo and join collapse thresholds,
>               moderate fsm settings, defaults for WAL.
> Same as above with many users and simple queries (webserver) =
>       same as above, except lower sort mem and higher connection limit
> High-Transaction Database =
>       Moderate shared buffers and sort mem, high FSM settings, increase WAL files 
> and buffers.
> Workstation =
>       Moderate to low shared buffers and sort mem, moderate FSM, defaults for WAL, 
> etc.
> Low-Impact server = current defaults, more or less.

Okay, but there should probably be one more, called "Benchmark".  The
real problem is what values to use for it.  :-)

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