On 08/01/2016 11:49 AM, Tom Lane wrote:

Also, it strikes me that we need a new convention for how we talk about
release branches informally.  Up to now, mentioning say "9.5" without
any further qualification in a PG-list message was usually sufficient
to indicate a branch number, but I do not think that will work so well
if one just writes "10".  I'm tempted to start writing branch numbers
as something like "PG10" or "v10".  Thoughts?


Somewhat related is how we name the git branches. It would help me from a buildfarm POV if we kept lexically them sortable, which could be done at least for the next 90 major releases :-) by adding an underscore after the REL piece, thus: REL_10_STABLE. I realise that's a way off, but it's worth bringing up while we're discussing the topic.



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