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> > I thought we'd pretty much done that cleanup during the cvs->git
> > conversion?
> I guess I'm talking about tags. I'm not clear on the distinction
> between tags and branches names in git.

​Ignoring git for a moment our setup is that each major version (9.6) gets
a branch when it is finally released.  For each minor release the last
commit on each branch that is included in the release is tagged with both
the branch/major-version AND the patch/minor-version.

I'm sure the internet can provide a better overview of the differences,
within git, between tags and branches.  One way to look at it, though is
that tags are
 explicit labels pointing to commits
​ whereas b
ranches are
​ implicit​ labels.

When you do:  git checkout branch you are asking for whatever HEAD - for
that branch - points to.  Committing to a branch causes a new commit to be
created and then HEAD - for that branch - to be moved.  So you are, by
default, dealing with the implicit HEAD label within the branch "namespace".

David J.

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