Re: Peter Eisentraut 2016-10-12 
> >> > is going to do more to raise peoples' awareness than anything we
> >> > could do in the documentation.  But perhaps an example along these
> >> > lines would be useful for showing proper use of %q.
> > Patch attached. (Still using %t, I don't think %m makes sense for the
> > default.)
> That still doesn't address what to do about syslog and eventlog users.
> We would need either a separate prefix setting for those, or maybe
> something like %q that says, skip to here if using syslog.  (I don't
> know eventlog, so I don't know if a common setting for syslog and
> eventlog would work.)

This patch simply tries to fix the default (stderr + '') which wasn't
useful for anyone. Note that there is already a hint in the
documentation that says timestamps and PID are not useful for syslog.

(Yes, the '' default might be fine for syslog, but I don't think
that's a good argument for sticking with it for default installs. I've
seen way too many useless log files out there, and at worst we'll have
syslogs with two timestamps.)


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