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>> Do you think the pushback will come from people who just accept the
>> defaults?
> I'm concerned about readability. "2016-10-12 20:14:30.449 CEST" is a
> lot of digits. My eyes can parse "20:14:30" as a timestamp, but
> "20:14:30.449" looks more like an IP address. (Admittedly I don't have
> experience with reading %m logs.)
> Overall, I'd prefer %t but %m would be ok as well.

I'm fine with either!  Both are much better than the empty string.
One of the problems with the status quo is that many users don't even
realize that log_line_prefix exists, so they don't configure it at
all.  They don't even realize that they have the option to add a
prefix.  I think configuring a non-empty default will be both better
by default and more likely to make people realize that they have

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