On Wed, Oct 19, 2016 at 7:05 AM, Christoph Berg <m...@debian.org> wrote:
> (tl;dr: rename pg_xlog yes, rename pg_resetxlog only if we have a good
> alternative.)

I'm amused by the idea of a TL;DR in parentheses at the very bottom of
the email, but maybe I'm just easily amused.

One idea would be to rename pg_resetxlog to pg_resetwal.  I think
that's actually an improvement.  The "x" in "xlog" is not a clear
abbreviation for "write-ahead", especially when we also use "x" in
other contexts to mean "transaction" - think "xid".  Given our current
practices, we could justifiably rename pg_clog to pg_xlog -- after
all, that's where we log the status of the xacts.  Ugh.

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