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It would make the URLs actually short, but as mentioned upthread, that
wouldn't work at all if offline. So it'd be a tradeoff between those, but
so are pretty much all other options that don't include the full

This is a bit of a crazy idea, but in the new list system, couldn't we
add a header which includes "our" surrogate message-id?  Or possibly the
entire URL to the message, and maybe the URL for the entire thread?
I'd rather not tie those systems in that tightly. I think they are much
better off being de-coupled.
I get that, but...

That said, what we could do is invent our own "id". We could either use a
separate surrogate key, or we could do the sha-1 hash of the messageid. And
stick that in a header, which could then be searched for both locally and
Yeah, that's a good thought too.  I think we'd need to use a SHA1 to
avoid collisions which means that it'll be a bit longer than if we used
an actual ID, but it shouldn't be *too* long.

I can think of at least one scenario where you might not easily have access to any invented ID - you're the author and you have mailing list me-too turned off, so you don't have anything that the mailing list has inserted. I honestly think we should just stick with the Message-ID value and get over the ugliness.

Putting the clickable URL in a header("X-Archive-Link" ?) is a good idea, though. Using my MUA (Thunderbird) that would make it as simple to get as View Source (Ctrl-U) and a simple C&P, which would make committers' lives easy. I bet others might appreciate it too.



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