One thing that I'm not quite satisfied with is the business with
non-top-level RawStmt nodes in some utility statements. a wart from gram.y's perspective, and it's mostly a wart from analyze.c's
perspective as well --- the parse analyze routines mostly just throw away
the non-top-level RawStmt.

The original reason for doing it was that DoCopy needs to call
pg_analyze_and_rewrite() on the sub-statement, and I wanted
pg_analyze_and_rewrite's argument to be declared as RawStmt,

My 0,02€, feel free to ignore them:

Personnaly when I had started doing a version I had decided to only change the type at top level, and then I made a few functions being resilient about having a RawStmt (that I had called ParsedStmt in my version) or
a direct statement, rather than change the type, I had kept Node*.

Now I see the benefit of changing the type, because the compiler will say if there is an issue, and their is no hidden level changes.

So I'm now thinking that it might be better if the grammar produced
RawStmt only at top level, and anybody who calls pg_analyze_and_rewrite
on sub-sections of a utility statement has to cons up a RawStmt to put
at the top of the sub-query.

Why not. The lazy programmer I am notices that there seems to be 6 instances, this is not too bad, some of which are already dealt with. The RawStmt may not need to be allocated dynamically, a stack instance could be enough.

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