Craig Ringer <> writes:
> One suggestion: it's currently non-obvious that ProcessUtility_hook
> gets called with the full text of all parts of a multi-statement.

OK, we can improve that ...

>   The same query string may be passed to multiple invocations of 
> ProcessUtility
>   if a utility statement in turn invokes other utility statements, or if the
>   user supplied a query string containing multiple semicolon-separated
>   statements in a single protocol message. It is also possible for the query
>   text to contain other non-utility-statement text like comments, empty
>   statements, and plannable statements. Callers that use the queryString
>   should use pstmt->stmt_location and pstmt->stmt_len to extract the text for
>   the statement of interest and should guard against re-entrant invocation.

Not sure about the reference to re-entrancy.  It's not especially relevant
to query texts AFAICS, and wouldn't a utility statement know darn well if
it was doing something that could end up invoking another instance of

                        regards, tom lane

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