On 2017-02-01 09:27, Corey Huinker wrote:

A few thoughts after a quick try:

I dislike the ease with which one gets stuck inside an \if block, in interactive mode.

(for instance, in my very first session, I tried '\? \if' to see if there is more info in that help-screen, but it only displays the normal help screen. But after that one cannot exit with \q anymore, and there is no feedback of any kind (prompt?) in which black hole one has ended up. Only a \endif provides rescue.)

Therefore making it possible to break out of \if-mode with Ctrl-C would be an improvement, I think. I would even prefer it when \q would exit psql always, even from within \if-mode.

Also, shouldn't  the prompt change inside an \if block?


Erik Rijkers

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