<sorry, resent, wrong from again *$%@#&!?>

Hello Corey,

There is a spurious empty line added at the very end of "mainloop.h":

   #endif   /* MAINLOOP_H */

Not in my diff, but that's been coming and going in your diff reviews.

Strange. Maybe this is linked to the warning displayed with "git apply" when I apply the diff.

I would suggest to add a short one line comment before each test to
explain what is being tested, like "-- test \elif execution", "-- test
\else execution"...

Where are you suggesting this?

In "regress/sql/psql.sql", in front of each group which starts a test.

Debatable suggestion about "psql_branch_empty":

The name isn't great. Maybe psql_branch_stack_empty()?

 Yep, maybe, or "empty_stack" or "stack_is_empty" or IDK...

"psql_branch_end_state": it is a pop, it could be named "psql_branch_pop"

Yeah, we either need to go fully with telling the programmer that it's a
stack (push/pop/empty) or (begin_branch/end_branch/not_branching). I'm
inclined to go full-stack, as it were.

Anything consistent is ok. I'm fine with calling a stack a stack:-)


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