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> Oh, does CPAN distribute compiled modules or requires users to compile
> them.

Like PGXN, it formally does not care, but its implementation expects source 
code distributions what will be built and installed by users. Note that the 
vast majority of those modules, -- even pure Perl modules -- are built with 

So users typically get their Perl modules in one of these ways:

1. As binaries from their distribution’s package manager. These tend to be 
updated manually by volunteers and not integrated into CPAN, though there are 
solutions such as [rpmcpan](https://github.com/iovation/rpmcpan) and 
[PPM](http://www.activestate.com/activeperl/ppm-perl-modules) which do regular 
distro package builds.

2. As source code from CPAN, from which they are compiled (when necessary), 
built, and installed by the user or a build system such as 



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