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> It's a failing in one of the two at least. It either needs to be easier to 
> build the things on windows, or pgxn would need to learn to do binary 
> distributions. 

PGXN makes no effort to support installation on any platform at all. Happy to 
work with anyone who wants to add binary distribution, but supporting multiple 
platforms might be a PITA. Maybe thereā€™d be a way to integrate with the RPM and 
.deb and Windows repos (is there something like that for Windows?).

> Even if we get the building easier on windows, it'll likely remain a second 
> class citizen (though better than today's third class), given the amount of 
> windows machines that actually have a compiler on them for start. Pgxs in 
> Windows would be a big improvement, but it won't solve the problem. 



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