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>> Until pgxn has a way of helping users on for example Windows (or other
>> platforms where they don't have a pgxs system and a compiler around),
>> it's always going to be a "second class citizen".
> I view that as more of a failing of pgxs than pgxn. Granted, the most common 
> (only?) pgxn client right now is written in python, but it's certainly 
> possible to run that on windows with some effort (BigSQL does it), and I'm 
> fairly certain it's not that hard to package a python script as a windows 
> .exe.

Yeah, that’s outside of PGXN’s mandate. It doesn’t do any installing at all, 
just distribution (release, search, download). Even the Python client just 
looks to see what build support is in a distribution it downloads to decide how 
to build it (make, configure, etc.), IIRC.


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