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> If we could somehow integrate PGXN with both the RPM build process, the DEB 
> build process and a Windows build process (whether driven by PGXN or just 
> "fed enough data" by PGXN is a different question), I think that would go a 
> long way towards the goal.

My thought was that someone could rsync the PGXN repo every hour or something 
and build any new modules there. That’s how the search site is built: Every 
five minutes, it rsyncs rsync://master.pgxn.org/pgxn, parses the output to see 
new releases, and updates the index.

> Also being able to use this somehow to drive continuous builds and tests 
> (kind of like a buildfarm-lite for a subset of platforms) would be useful for 
> reaching a point where extensions outside of core can come at least close to 
> what we deliver in core.

Personally I just use Travis and Coveralls on GitHub for that sort of thing.



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