On 27.03.2017 23:28, Dmitry Dolgov wrote:
Here is a new version of this patch. What was changed:

* I rebased code against the latest version of master and adapted recent
  changes about the expression execution

* Several names (functions and related pg_type column) were changed

* A new oid function field was introduced to handle nested assignment

* I updated the documentation for patch

* `MAXDIM` was replaced by `MAX_SUBSCRIPT_DEPTH`

* I returned one `SubscriptingRef` for both fetch & assign operations, since
  there is no real readability improvements at this point (they're already
  separated at the time of evaluation, and besides the evaluation code
fetch &
  assign are handled almost identically).

Your patch reverts commits from 25-26 march. And therefore contains 15000 lines.

I think the patch needs rebasing.

Arthur Zakirov
Postgres Professional: http://www.postgrespro.com
Russian Postgres Company

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