On 04.04.2017 15:41, Dmitry Dolgov wrote:
Sorry for late reply. Here is a new version of the patch, I rebased it and
fixed those issues you've mentioned (pretty nasty problems, thank you for

Thank you!

I've looked at the patch again.

I'd like to focus on "refevalfunc" and "refnestedfunc" fields as I did earlier. I think using Oid type for them is a bad approach. "..._fetch" and "..._assign" functions in catalog is unnecessary movement to me. User of subscript of his type may think the same. But he won't see the code and won't know why he needs these functions.

And so "..._fetch" and "..._assign" functions in catalog is a bad design to me. But, of course, it is just my opinion. This approach is the main think which we should resolve first, because after commiting the patch it will be hard to fix it.

 static int     ArrayCount(const char *str, int *dim, char typdelim);
+bool isAssignmentIndirectionExpr(ExprState *exprstate);
 static void ReadArrayStr(char *arrayStr, const char *origStr,

I think isAssignmentIndirectionExpr() here was forgoten to delete, because isAssignmentIndirectionExpr() is in execExpr.c now.

+               if (subexpr == NULL)
+               {
+                       lowerIndexpr = lappend(lowerIndexpr, subexpr);
+                       continue;
+               }

There is the extra line here after the brace.

                if (array_type != sbsref->refcontainertype)

                        node = coerce_to_target_type(pstate,
 node, array_type,
sbsref->refcontainertype, sbsref->reftypmod,

                        /* can fail if we had int2vector/oidvector, but not for 
true domains */
                        if (node == NULL && node->type != 0)
                                                 errmsg("cannot cast type %s to 


Also I was wondering do we need this code in array_subscript_parse()? I haven't understood the purpose of it. If it is necessary then would be good to add explain comment.

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