On 05.04.2017 16:06, Arthur Zakirov wrote:

I'd like to focus on "refevalfunc" and "refnestedfunc" fields as I did
earlier. I think using Oid type for them is a bad approach. "..._fetch"
and "..._assign" functions in catalog is unnecessary movement to me.
User of subscript of his type may think the same. But he won't see the
code and won't know why he needs these functions.

And so "..._fetch" and "..._assign" functions in catalog is a bad design
to me. But, of course, it is just my opinion. This approach is the main
think which we should resolve first, because after commiting the patch
it will be hard to fix it.

I've read olders messages and thread. I see now that this approach was made with other hackers. I've just been confused when I've been implementing subscript for ltree.

Sorry if I confused you.

Any opinions about the patch?

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