Alvaro Herrera <> writes:
> We have someone who has studied the BSD indent code and even sent us
> patches to fix quite a few bugs, but we've largely ignored his efforts
> so far.  I propose we take that indent as part of our repo, and patch it
> to our preferences.

Messing with pgindent didn't seem all that high-priority while we were
in development mode, and it would also have been pretty painful to have
a pgindent that wanted to revisit settled decisions when you just wanted
it to fix new code.  Maybe now (ie, over the next few weeks) is a good
time to pursue it, before we start a new round of code development.

Not sure about actually incorporating it into our repo.  Doing so would
make it easier for people to use, for sure, and the license seems to be
regular 3-clause BSD, so that angle is OK.  But do we want to be carrying
around another 150K of source code?

                        regards, tom lane

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