Tom Lane wrote:
> Alvaro Herrera <> writes:
> > We have someone who has studied the BSD indent code and even sent us
> > patches to fix quite a few bugs, but we've largely ignored his efforts
> > so far.  I propose we take that indent as part of our repo, and patch it
> > to our preferences.
> Messing with pgindent didn't seem all that high-priority while we were
> in development mode, and it would also have been pretty painful to have
> a pgindent that wanted to revisit settled decisions when you just wanted
> it to fix new code.  Maybe now (ie, over the next few weeks) is a good
> time to pursue it, before we start a new round of code development.

Sounds reasonable.

> Not sure about actually incorporating it into our repo.  Doing so would
> make it easier for people to use, for sure, and the license seems to be
> regular 3-clause BSD, so that angle is OK.  But do we want to be carrying
> around another 150K of source code?

The alternatives are

1. rely on the dead code we've been using so far (the old BSD indent
patched with our Pg-specific tweaks), or

2. rely on someone else's upstream code -- in this case, FreeBSD's as
patched by Piotr.

Now that Piotr's is about to find a home, perhaps it's okay for us to
rely on that one.  I just didn't like the idea of running something from
Piotr's personal repo.

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