On 2017-05-17 20:31, Tom Lane wrote:
> Piotr Stefaniak <postg...@piotr-stefaniak.me> writes:
>> On 2017-05-17 19:16, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
>>> We have someone who has studied the BSD indent code and even sent us
>>> patches to fix quite a few bugs, but we've largely ignored his efforts
>>> so far.  I propose we take that indent as part of our repo, and patch it
>>> to our preferences.
>> That, I assume, would be me. Coincidentally, I'm about to push my fixes
>> upstream (FreeBSD). Before that happens, my changes can be obtained from
>> https://github.com/pstef/freebsd_indent and tested, if anyone wishes.
> Yes, I was just reviewing those threads.  IIUC, the current proposal is
> to adopt FreeBSD's version of indent as being less buggy and better
> maintained than NetBSD's, and then patch it as necessary.

One of my goals here is to fix bugs in FreeBSD indent so it's easier to
develop and maintain. I've also tried hard to not introduce serious
regressions for FreeBSD which also uses indent (for some sub-projects
even automatically). This is an ongoing effort.

What I describe below I believe to have been largely achieved.

Another goal is to incorporate all custom changes that make current
pg_bsd_indent yet another, unique indent fork, into FreeBSD indent - so
that maintaining patches for some other indent by the Postgres project
wouldn't be necessary. I understand the need to have control over a copy
of it within the Postgres project but it would be nice to not
effectively fork it by carrying custom patches around.

The third significant issue I kept in my mind was to shift some
work-arounds from pgindent to indent. When I use my indent as the base
for pgindent and set its options like this:
-bad -bap -bc -bl -d0 -cdb -nce -nfc1 -di12 -i4 -l79 -lp -nip -npro -bbb
-cli1 -sac -ts4 -cp10
I can remove most of the work-arounds written in the perl script and
still get pretty decent results. But I expect some debate over a few things.

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