Tom Lane wrote:
> elein  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > For 7.4 (which I expect is the patch's target) it might be
> > best to make both names point to the same thing with a
> > clear release note that says that they are the same thing
> > and that plpython[u] is now untrusted.
> I don't know any way to actually do that, though.  If we put two entries
> in pg_language then functions created in plpython will stay associated
> with that entry.  That'd probably be the worst of all possible worlds,
> since a person looking at pg_language would quite reasonably assume that
> plpython was still trusted and the untrusted plpythonu was just an
> addition.  (Especially if he happened to know that such an addition was
> planned long ago.)  You could shoot yourself in the foot pretty badly
> with such a misunderstanding :-(
> The behavior that I think would be most useful would be to automatically
> transpose CREATE FUNCTION ... LANGUAGE "plpython" into CREATE FUNCTION
> ... LANGUAGE "plpythonu".  Which we could do with an ugly hack in CREATE
> FUNCTION (ugly, but no worse than things we've done to index opclass
> names, for example).  But it could be too confusing.

You mean in gram.y?  Yes, I think that is our only choice.

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