For 7.4 (which I expect is the patch's target) it might be
best to make both names point to the same thing with a
clear release note that says that they are the same thing
and that plpython[u] is now untrusted.

That will give people a bit a time to reload their 
existing functions.


On Sunday 22 June 2003 15:29, Tom Lane wrote:
> Kevin Jacobs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Attached is a patch that removes all of the RExec code from plpython from
> > the current PostgreSQL CVS.  In addition, plpython needs to be changed to an
> > untrusted language in createlang.
> I am inclined to rename plpython to plpythonu, by analogy to pltclu.
> The advantage of doing so is that (a) the name change makes it somewhat
> more obvious that there's a fundamental behavioral change, and (b)
> assuming that the Python folk someday figure out a secure version of
> RExec, we'd want to reinstitute the trusted version of plpython, but
> perhaps not take away the untrusted one.
> On the other hand, this would create headaches for people who are trying
> to load dump files that declare plpython or contain plpython-language
> functions.  I can't think of any non-kluge solution to this (kluge
> solutions would include putting special-case code into CREATE FUNCTION
> to change 'plpython' to 'plpythonu' ...)
> Comments?
>                       regards, tom lane
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