Gerhard Häring kirjutas E, 30.06.2003 kell 07:39:
> Hannu Krosing wrote:

> > IIRC python 1.5.2 has a perfectly good RExec.
> You are likely mistaken. Because I was interested in getting this 
> problem solved for plpython and because most rexec problems are because 
> of the new-style classes in Python 2.2 and later, I asked on 
> comp.lang.python wether it was safe with 2.1 and earlier.
> Martin von Löwis told me it probably wasn't in 

Uups! I got that impression from the emails which claimed that new-style
classes make it near impossilble to fix.

> > Or is there a requirement that only latest language versions are used in
> > pg 74 ;)
> No, but I find it hard to believe that PL/python is used by untrusted 
> users at all, so making it untrusted might not really be a problem in 
> real life.

That is most likely true.

And trusted users like to use untrusted languages, so they can send
email, get xml via http and write files ;)


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