The Hermit Hacker wrote:
On Tue, 24 Jun 2003, Dann Corbit wrote:

I did something about it.  I raised the issue.
Is it really so that whoever it is that raises a question is also the
one who must fix the issue raised?
A strange model indeed.

Its worked for us ...

Sorry Marc, but that ain't entirely true.

There have been a good number of examples where the one who raised an issue isn't just of the format to implement it. So someone else jumped in and did it instead. I don't need to pick any particular samples, you know that it happened a few times.

And don't get the wrong picture. Yes, Dann is "just talking" here on the testing methodology front. But as much as it looks like we two hate each other on this thread, we actually start working together on a totally different issue. And to say the least, I like his version better than Katie's ... 'nuff said.


Wait, I know what should make you happy ... it won't get anytihng done, but ...

Bruce, can you add "* Improve Testing" to the TODO list

> Someone has to spearhead it
> ... you seem to be passionate about seeing it happen, but
> don't care enough to do anything about it ...

Don't care and won't do are not the same thing.

Well, actually, they are ... if someone doesn't care, they aren't going to do, are they?

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