On Wed, 25 Jun 2003, Kevin Brown wrote:

> So...would it make sense to create a gborg project to which people who
> have written their own test suites can contribute whatever code and data
> they feel comfortable releasing?  As a gborg project, it would be
> separate from the main PG distribution and would thus have no impact on
> the build process or anything like that.  But at the same time, if there
> are any ideas on testing that people have had, they could be shared with
> others through that mechanism.
> And any tests which prove to be particularly useful could make their way
> into the PG distribution if people here wish.
> Of course, like anything else this could be a bad (or perhaps redundant)
> idea.  :-)

It doesn't sound like a bad idea ... but, it pretty much comes down to the
original thread: are you willing to step up and maintain such a project?

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