Doesn't matter, this entire approach has a fundamental flaw. If the lungs are "empty" ... that means that the guy has an open thorax, the lungs are collapsed, and you'll probably have problems catching his attention to make your claim.


The Hermit Hacker wrote:
On Wed, 25 Jun 2003, Shridhar Daithankar wrote:

On 25 Jun 2003 at 14:50, Andreas Pflug wrote:
> Jan Wieck wrote:
> > Change that into "* Remove bugs from source code" and get a patent on
> > it. Should be a nobrainer (as in those guy's have no brains)
> > considering that NetFlix even got a patent on DVD subscription rentals:
> >
> >
> I'm applying for a patent on breathing now.
> The trick I found is reversing the direction of airflow in a regular way.
> The algorithm seems apparently simple, but it really makes the deal:
> Step 1.
> If your lungs are empty, let air flow into them through some air intake.
> This airflow might be ducted by some bronchial or additional tubing.
> Step 2 (optional)
> As soon as there's enough air in the lungs, you may decide to hold it
> there for a while. Some time limits might apply, please consult some
> specialist for details.
> Step 3
> Press the air out of the lungs, using some muscles or externally applied
> force on the chest. The air will eventually escape through some body
> opening. Another patent I'll be applying for covers the use of nostrils
> for this purpose.
> Step 4
> Restart the cycle at step 1.
> Regards and don't dare to try this without royalty fees!

Oops... I challenge it for prior art..:-)

Why, are you older then he is? I think that is about the only way that 'prior art' would apply here, no? :)

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