On 2017-06-16 21:56, Tom Lane wrote:
> One other thing I'd like to do while we're changing this stuff is
> to get rid of the need for entab/detab.  Right now, after doing
> all the other work, my copy of pgindent is running the code through
> detab and then entab so as to match the old decisions about how to
> represent whitespace (ie, as spaces or tabs).  This is grotty as
> can be.  I managed to tweak bsdindent so that its output matches
> what entab would do, by dint of the attached patch, which implements
> the rule "use a space instead of a tab if the tab would only move
> one column and we don't need another tab after it".  (I think entab
> is being weird with the second half of that rule, but if I remove it,
> I get circa a thousand lines of invisible whitespace changes; probably
> better not to deal with those.  With no patch at all, just letting
> bsdindent do what it does now, there's circa ten thousand changed lines.)
> Unless Piotr objects, I propose to add another switch to bsdindent
> that selects this behavior, and then we can drop entab, removing
> another impediment to getting pgindent working.

I understand the reasoning, but this is a very specific need and I think
not at all universal for anyone else in the future. One of the bugs
listed in indent's manpage is that it "has more switches than ls(1)". So
currently I'm against pushing an option for the above upstream, to the
FreeBSD repository.

Why not add this to the already non-empty list of custom patches?

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