On 6/16/17 10:51, Tom Lane wrote:
> So I'm back to the position that we ought to stick the indent
> code under src/tools/ in our main repo.  Is anyone really
> seriously against that?

I think it would be better to have it separate.

Other than for reasons of principle and general modularity of the world,
I would like this to be available separately for separate download,
packaging, etc. to it can be applied to extension projects without
having to download and build (a specific version of) PostgreSQL.  The
code formatting in extension projects is, um, questionable.  In fact, if
it's a better indent period, I would like to package it for the general

If the vote is to put it into the tree, I would request not to do it in
PG10.  At this point, we should be winding things down and not open up
new areas of activity.  There is a chance that if this goes in (or
anywhere else), there will be a stream of requests along the lines of:
doesn't build on Windows, doesn't build on AIX, doesn't build on
PowerPC, doesn't build on this other Windows variant, the tests don't
run, the tests don't run on Windows, it doesn't build in vpath, it
doesn't work on the buildfarm, and so on.

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