On Tue, Oct 3, 2017 at 11:55 PM, Robert Haas <robertmh...@gmail.com> wrote:
> It seems silly to me to throw away a perfectly good bit from the hash
> value just because of some risk of minor user confusion.  I do like
> Michael's suggestion of outputing hexa-like text, but changing the
> types of the user-visible output columns seems like a job for another
> patch.  Similarly, if we were to adopt Andres's suggestions of a new
> type or using numeric or Alexander's suggestion of implementing a
> 64-bit unsigned type, I think it should be a separate patch from this
> one.

Yeah, any of them would require a version bump of pg_stat_statements.
My suggestion would be actually to just document the use of to_hex in
pg_stat_statements if there is any issue with query ID signed-ness.
Still, I have yet to see any user stories about complains on the
matter, so even just added a note in the docs may be overdoing it.

Thinking about that freshly today (new day, new thoughts of course), I
think that I would go with the 64-bit version. The patch gets more
simple, and there are ways to easily get around negative numbers by
applying anything like to_hex() on top of pg_stat_statements.

+/* Write an unsigned integer field (anything written with UINT64_FORMAT) */
+#define WRITE_UINT64_FIELD(fldname) \
+   appendStringInfo(str, " :" CppAsString(fldname) " " UINT64_FORMAT, \
+                    node->fldname)
Correct call here.

-   return hash_any((const unsigned char *) str, len);
+   return hash_any_extended((const unsigned char *) str, len, 0);
-           uint32      start_hash = hash_any(jumble, JUMBLE_SIZE);
+           uint64      start_hash = hash_any_extended(jumble, JUMBLE_SIZE, 0);
Missing two DatumGetUInt64() perhaps? HEAD looks wrong to me as well.

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