* Josh Berkus (josh@agliodbs.com) wrote:
> Actually, Sun has re-licensed the JRE to make it OSS-compatible (it's 
> now available for Debian, for example)  They're doing a Java licensing 
> session at  OSCON if you have any specific questions, or I can ping the 
> Java Licensing Guru directly.  But even if other JRE's aren't supported, 
> licensing shouldn't be an obstacle.

Uhh..  Let's not go overboard here on exactly what Debian has done with
Sun's JVM.  Technically, Sun's JVM is *not* part of Debian.  The license
is (and even this is hotly debated...) acceptable enough for Debian's
ftp-masters to allow the Sun JVM to be distributed off Debian servers as
part of the 'non-free' archive.  This *certainly* doesn't make it
OSS-compatible by any stretch (it isn't) and it's not acceptable for 
inclusion in Debian proper.

I'm actually rather upset to see Sun making such blatently incorrect
statements.  Josh, I truely hope that you weren't actually involved in
the Sun JVM-in-Debian work and so were unaware of the very important
distinction between "Distributed by Debian" and "in Debian/main".



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