Hi Hannu,

Hannu Krosing wrote:
Maybe this functionality could be lifted out of PL/Java and made
available to all PL-s ?

At least at some API level.

I think that what could be shared are the ideas and the semantics. The API's that the backend currently expose will give you what's needed to do the specialized implementations.

The actual PL mappings are all different because their respective "executor" is different. Some languages are typed, others are not. Some languages support classes and objects, others don't. Other, more esoteric details like the use of a garbage collector or traditional alloc/free semantics also affects the actual implementation.

I'm afraid there's not much in the PL/Java type system that could be generalized and shared. Perhaps if we had other languages with very similar capabilities (like C# for instance) but even then I have some doubts. The good news in my opinion is that if PL/Java would make it to the core it could make a good reference implementation for other equally advanced language mappings.

Thomas Hallgren

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