> I concur with this. The needs for a module like PL/Java is very different
> then the needs of PL/Perl so let's get some more PL's in before we do a
> refactoring effort to create common API's. Personally, I'm not sure what
> would be included. The call handler API's together with the SPI API's are
> in essence what you need. The rest is fairly specialized anyway.

Well I know it isn't an API per say, but one interesting tid bit as an example 
is that PLphp does not need the PostgreSQL source to compile. It only needs 
pgxs and the relevant headers etc...

Perhaps that is one way to go... All PLs use pgxs?

> As the project grows for various reasons, the number of hackers in the
> community will grow as well. PL/Java for instance, does not come without
> resources :-)

We have already grown for hackers quite a bit this year as they mature I think 
we will see even more patch review eyes and such... Soon.


Joshua D. Drake

> Regards,
> Thomas Hallgren
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