Joshua D. Drake wrote:
What happens when the FSF inevitably removes the license clause and makes it pure GPL?

I'm sorry but I don't follow. You're saying that it's inevitable that FSF will remove the 'libgcc' exception from libgcj? Why on earth would they do that? My guess is that it will go the other way (i.e. LGPL). What's the logic in having different licenses on libg++ and libgcj?

Now all of this being said, I doubt there is actually an issue here because:

It doesn't HAVE TO BE BUILT, it is not a derivative product.

Well, assume that FSF indeed did remove the exception. It would take me 30 minutes or so to create a substitute BSD licensed dummy JNI library with associated headers that would allow PL/Java to be built without any external modules at all. It's then completely up to the user what he/she wants to slot in as a replacement.

Thomas Hallgren

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