Thomas Hallgren wrote:
Tom Lane wrote:
...  equal claim to inclusion
in core.  Perhaps more, because it gives us an extra layer of insulation
from JVM licensing questions.

Why to you persist talking about licensing issues with PL/Java? There are none. PL/Java builds and runs just fine with gcj and the above statement is completely false.

Just to further this with actual documentation :)

1.1 What license is used for libgcj?

libgcj is distributed under the GPL, with the 'libgcc exception'. This means that linking with libgcj does not by itself cause your program to fall under the GPL. See LIBGCJ_LICENSE in the source tree for more details.


Joshua D. Drake

What JVM requirements does PL/J currently have? What license implications are imposed by the components that it depends upon?

Thomas Hallgren


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