On 7/13/06, Dave Cramer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
The official JDBC driver is not being shipped with the project for
exactly the same reasons, I fail to see any compelling reason to ship
either java PL.

IMHO, we should be shipping the JDBC driver... but that's another
matter entirely.

Unless we are going to create a complete distribution with a unified
build, or at least a way to build each project (which I am in favour
of) then we leave the server to itself and all other projects exist

This still doesn't solve the longstanding issue of what we do include
and what we don't... and more importantly, the process for determining
what to include and what not to.  The Java PL discussion could be the
same as say, OBDC drivers... where multiple projects exist and each
has pros/cons.

When someone downloads the PostgreSQL server on Windows... we know
they're probably going to be using ODBC... so we should ship it; but
which one?  How do we determine which one as a community?

Eventually we need to evolve a little bit and tackle these types of
issues; I don't think gborg or pgfoundry are the best places for
high-profile, commonly used PostgreSQL drivers, PLs, or functions.

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