Taking a step back here, I see two points in favor of including PL/Java or 
something like it into the main CVS:

1. Build farm support

It seems that eventually one would like to have build farm support for many 
things.  I can see build farm support being useful for the ODBC driver or 
Postgis, for instance.  We need a better, more general solution for that.

2. Help with PL API changes

On the one hand, that seems great, but on the other hand, I see a lot of 
people disqualifying themselves from touching PL/Java code in any significant 
way because they don't know Java well enough.  So I don't see this working in 
practice.  Or at least, it's quite doubtful that the convenience gained in 
this area will outweigh any inconveniences coming from this move.

Peter Eisentraut

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