Ron Mayer wrote:
Tom Lane wrote:
The difference is that I will have reasonable confidence that
the README.TXT under "src/pl" will give instructions that match
the version of PostgreSQL that I have.   I assume that README
will call out the version of PL/R or PL/Ruby that I want that
was tested with the release of PostgreSQL I have.

On what do you base that assumption?  A README file laying about in an
otherwise unused part of the source tree is the very definition of "out
of sight, out of mind".

I was hoping it would say something like

  PostgreSQL 8.2.0 has been tested with version XX.YY.01 of PL/Whatever
  You can install it by getting that release and doing the following.

with specific version numbers rather than links to URLS that would change.

It that wasn't the intent of the README.TXT, I'm not sure what is.

This is way too DIY.

The only thing I think might be worthwhile (and it would help from a buildfarm POV) would be something to assist an integrated build from disparate sources.

Just a Readme doesn't come close to what I think we need in the general case.



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