Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> Tom Lane wrote:
> >Not that there's anything wrong with a performance-oriented release
> >... but if you think that 8.2 is short on features, you'd better get
> >ready to be disappointed by every future release.  
> >
> It's a pity that some expectations have been raised about features that 
> we haven't seen patches for, e.g. MERGE and/or some form of UPSERT, and 
> recursive queries. I am not pointing fingers, but I do think we need 
> some way in which the community can ensure that certain goals are met, 
> or at least try to help if things fall in a ditch, rather than just 
> relying on hackers scratching whatever itch they happen to get in 
> splendid isolation and then trying to merge the results.

What we do is when people claim items, we monitor them to be sure they
get them done for the current release, or at least give it their best
try.  There is not much more we can do.

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