Robert Treat wrote:
On Wednesday 09 August 2006 12:12, Bruce Momjian wrote:
One possibility: have a 'holding area' (perhaps on a Wiki) where users
could add use-cases for these ideas. If there's 'enough demand' (however
one defines that), they get promoted to the TODO. Note that this is
something geared towards users... things that are obviously useful to
-hackers tend to get on the list.
Yea, that would be interesting, like a pending TODO item list.

Wouldn't a thread reply saying something like "Bruce, can we add this as a TODO with the following wording: blah blah blah" likely suffice?

Yeah - and/or a patch to TODO or the relevant TODO.detail (I can't see why that is hard or onerous). Plus it is seen by a wide audience, some of whom might not be tracking any wiki (very likely if there end up being several wiki's....)

On that note, one nice feature of the current setup, is that the only place you need to look is the TODO, which then (hopefully) points you to a detail or url for more info. To have to check the TODO *and* the wiki is just one more thing to forget IMHO.



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