Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> > We now have URLs on the TODO list to the archives, and the next FAQ item
> > is:
> > 
> >     <H3 id="item1.4">1.4) What do I do after choosing an item to
> >     work on?</H3>
> > 
> >     <P>Send an email to pgsql-hackers with a proposal for what you want
> >     to do (assuming your contribution is not trivial). Working in
> > 
> > so it is clear what we want people to do.
> what we want my be part of the problem :)
> > 
> >> It would also be useful to have possible dependencies. I recently saw
> >> a patch come across from Sun, that Tom commented on, something about 
> >> increase the size of some value to 64bit. I don't recall exactly.
> > 
> > I am keeping URLs in the TODO list.  Why don't people submit
> > improvements to the TODO list, rather than adding more complexity by
> > making a separate wiki for every TODO item?  If no one updates the TODO
> > item, what makes you think they are going to do somethin in a wiki?
> Do you want a todo list with 4 paragraphs (minimum) for each todo item?

The requirements of the item often change dramatically over time, so who
is going to write paragraphs for a single item, especially if it will
need updating.

> > I think the big conclusion we made long ago is that We are never going
> > to have enough detail anywhere that someone is going to be able to work
> > on an item without asking the community.
> I don't think anyone is expecting that. I think that what we are 
> expecting is that they can ask knowledgeable questions.
> Would you prefer:
> Hi, I am a C developer, PostgreSQL Rocks... I want to implement Enums..
> Or:
> Hi, I am a C developer, PostgreSQL Rocks... I would like to take the 
> Enums todo. Here are my specific questions regarding your feature 
> requirements at URL ---

Well, few have shown any interest in improving the TODO list, so who is
going to be motivated to do even more than we have now?

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