It would also be useful to have possible dependencies. I recently saw
a patch come across from Sun, that Tom commented on, something about increase the size of some value to 64bit. I don't recall exactly.
I am keeping URLs in the TODO list.  Why don't people submit
improvements to the TODO list, rather than adding more complexity by
making a separate wiki for every TODO item?  If no one updates the TODO
item, what makes you think they are going to do somethin in a wiki?
Do you want a todo list with 4 paragraphs (minimum) for each todo item?

The requirements of the item often change dramatically over time, so who
is going to write paragraphs for a single item, especially if it will
need updating.

O.k. maybe the other people haven't written it loud enough :). That is the whole point of a WIKI. :)


Hi, I am a C developer, PostgreSQL Rocks... I would like to take the Enums todo. Here are my specific questions regarding your feature requirements at URL ---

Well, few have shown any interest in improving the TODO list, so who is
going to be motivated to do even more than we have now?

Bruce you have at least a dozen people right now that are willing to help. :) . I know for a fact that Andrew, Myself, Devrim and Darcy would all be willing to help. I would throw Alvaro in there too but he is probably the busiest of us all and would likely kill me ;)

I bet Jim would also be willing to help. Between you, and Tom and Peter and Neil, and Alvaro we have all the engineer brains to help back us up.


Joshua D. Drake


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