On 8/29/06, Chris Browne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Tom Lane) writes:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Michael Meskes) writes:
>> Second try committing the path changes.
> Ah, this looks better.  I get clean passes on both HPPA in-tree and
> Fedora x86_64 VPATH builds, so I think you've finally fixed all the
> issues.  Congrats!

Ah.  So this would have caused a bunch of problems in compiling

I'm not sure I'm seeing it in CVS; perhaps this waits some time before
getting completely public?

i'm seeing this error when compiling HEAD (updated at ago 29 15:16)

make[5]: Entering directory
../../preproc/ecpg -I./../../include -o test1.c -I. test1.pgc
test1.pgc:29: ERROR: syntax error at or near "@"
make[5]: *** [test1.c] Error 3
make[5]: *** Deleting file `test1.c'

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