Stefan Kaltenbrunner wrote:
Joshua D. Drake wrote:

I know that this would be completely out of the norm. However, would it
be worth considering having a mid cycle release for 8.3?

Basically the release would focus on:

Updateable views
Bitmap indexes
Recursive queries

We would release in June?

Interesting idea but we already have one of the fastest release cycles
of all database systems and some people would like to see a larger cycle.

I really don't care about other database systems. I care about postgresql :). That is also why I wanted to limit the features set specifically.

In addition to that this plan might hold back some people from upgrading
to 8.2 which solves quite a few critical issues with features we
marketed/introduced during the past 8.x cycles and are really getting
polished and usable now (partitioning,pitr,...) and 8.2 gives quite a
nice performance boost for a lot of workloads too.

I frankly won't see many people migrate to 8.2. Most of my customers will wait for 8.3 anyway. (except new business of course).


Joshua D. Drake


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