In addition to that this plan might hold back some people from upgrading
to 8.2 which solves quite a few critical issues with features we
marketed/introduced during the past 8.x cycles and are really getting
polished and usable now (partitioning,pitr,...) and 8.2 gives quite a
nice performance boost for a lot of workloads too.

I frankly won't see many people migrate to 8.2. Most of my customers
will wait for 8.3 anyway. (except new business of course).

I disagree - 8.2 is much more attractive for us then say 8.0 or 8.1 was
and we will probably adopt it rather aggressively ...

That's why I said "I frankly won't". I have customers with multi terrabyte datasets. 8.1 performs wonderfully for them. It would be a hard push to initiate an 8.2 outage for that.

Joshua D. Drake


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