On Jan 23, 2007, at 5:50 PM, Joshua D. Drake wrote:
To cure the shortage of experienced Postgres folks there is only one
solution - err, more experience! So the need is for good training
courses (not necessarily certification and all the IMHO nonsense that
comes with that), and a willingness on the part of employers to invest
in upskilling their staff.

You know its funny. Command Prompt, OTG-Inc, SRA and Big Nerd Ranch
*all* offer training.

Last I checked, OTG had to cancel classes because of lack of demand
(please verify Chander).

That may be OTG's problem then... I've personally taught a number of classes since I started with EnterpriseDB (PostgreSQL classes, not EnterpriseDB ones). Granted, this training is for existing customers, but I believe it speaks to the demand that's out there.

And while certification might not mean much to people knowledgeable enough to tell if someone has clue, I suspect that as PostgreSQL grows in popularity more people will look at training (especially for people that don't have "PostgreSQL" stamped all over their resume).

On the other hand, any time I find someone interesting in pushing their career towards PostgreSQL I always tell them the same thing: get on the mailing list and start helping folks. Perhaps that's ultimately all the certification we'll ever need.
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