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sorry, if I will  a bit verbose - just tried to answer to several postings.

On Wed, 24 Jan 2007, Tom Lane wrote:

Teodor Sigaev wrote:
If there aren't objections then we plan commit patch tomorrow or
after tomorrow.

This is a fairly large patch and I would like the chance to review it
before it goes in --- "we'll commit tomorrow" is not exactly a decent
review window.

I see your argument, no problem with that. We intentionally announced its availability several weeks ago.

Peter Eisentraut <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
I still haven't heard any argument for why this would be necessary or
desirable at all, other than that it looks better for marketing

One possible argument for this over the contrib version is a saner
approach to dumping and restoring configurations.  However, as against

1) what's the upgrade path for getting an existing tsearch2
configuration into this implementation?

this is a real question and we will prepare UPGRADE notes.

2) once we put this in core we are going to be stuck with supporting its
SQL API forever.  Are we convinced that this API is the one we want?
I don't recall even having seen any proposal or discussion.  It was OK
for tsearch2's API to change every release while it was in contrib, but
the expectation of stability is a whole lot higher for core features.

If you're talking about SQL and psql commands, than they are new and we tried to be consistent with existing approach to manage system objects. Any inconsistence we'd be happy to discuss and improve.

I don't remember we changed operators and function for a long
time, so users of tsearch2 should not be confused.

After all, our intention is to meet user's wish to have FTS in PostgreSQL and
nothing more. We several times wrote in mailing list that it's too early to move tsearch2 to the pg core, since we consider (that time) it has some scalability problem. GiN was specially developed to solve this problem and it did it.

It's de facto standard to have FTS in modern database and
it has no difference how you call it - plugin, extension, contrib module or

It's infair to compare approach of  commercial DB with postgres, since
they have their own marketing police - they charge separately for every
extension ! Our usual peer - MySQL has built-in FTS, for example, and I don't see any objections to not have an additional argument for our
PR people, since our FTS is a way better.

I agree,  that requirements for core features should be stronger
that for contrib module, especially, for the stability of API. So, let us
discuss it. We are open for suggestions for about 6 years :)
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