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> 2. Many people (and some buildfarm members) operate against mirrors of the 
> main
> repo which are created with rsync or CVSup. I am not aware of any way to do 
> the
> equivalent with SVN -  any info would be gratefully received. Of course, SVN 
> is
> better at disconnected operation than CVS, so it might be a non-issue for 
> many.
> Even so, it might be a pity to have to forego the facility.

Well SVN basically works by having that mirror all the time. That kind of
sucks for people with many checkouts since it takes more disk space but it
provides the same benefits of having a local mirror of the CVS repository
which is really just working around the problems with CVS.

The general point about the build farms is a strong argument in favor of SVN
over the new-fangled revision control systems. It would involve the least
change in the operational model and the main build farm maintainer is familiar
with it...

It's also the easiest to get ahold of. Easier I would say than CVS which you
have to download some bug fixes from various unofficial sites to get a good
working version of.

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