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iv) Based on the PRIMARY, UNIQUE, REFERENCES information specified, pass it on to the children tables.

Since we want to eventually support 'global' indexes, I think we need to be really careful here. There's actually 3 possible cases:

1) Index* should be global (spanning multiple tables)
2) Index* should be inherited by all partitions as they're created
3) Index* should exist only on the parent table

* Note that there's really no reason this has to be limit to indexes; it could certainly apply to constraints, or even triggers.

IIRC, Oracle has a special syntax for global indexes; any other index defined on a partitioned table is picked up *by newly created partitions*. If you want to add indexes to existing partitions, you have to explicitly add it to each partition.

I'd like to eventually see us supporting all 3 options. I'm not sure how much we want to clutter the grammar, though.
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