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Devrim G??nd??z wrote:

On Fri, 2007-04-06 at 01:23 -0400, Matthew T. O'Connor wrote:
The other thing to consider is that CentOS 5 has Xen built right in,
so you should be able run VMs without VMWare on it.

... if the kernel of the OS has Xen support, there will be no
performance penalty (only 2%-3%) (Para-virtualization). Otherwise, there
will be full-virtualization, and we should expect a performance loss
about 30% for each guest OS (like Windows).

I may be wrong but I thought that the guest OS kernel only needs special support if the underlying CPU doesn't have virtualization support which pretty much all the new Intel and AMD chips have. No?

It doesn't matter as far as MY box is concerned.  I use VMWare extensively
in my current $DAYJOB, and I want to be able to test/play with things related
to that as well.  The box I'm building will be using the (free) VMWare Server
as it's virtualization platform.

I'd still like to hear from a Tom Lane or someone else on the project with what
X86 or X86_64 OS's we need coverage for.


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